Welcome James Chan as NEXCOM's new CTO

NEXCOM announces James Chan as its chief technology officer (CTO) today. Mr. Chan's responsibility is to introduce new technology that will enhance our business growth as well as to upgrade the design capability in meeting customers most aggressive demand.

Mr. Chan holds a master's degree in Electronic Engineering from National Taiwan University and has over 20 years of solid experience in IC design. He had involved in several Custom Reference Design with Intel 's new chipset development in his past experience.

Before joining NEXCOM, Mr. Chan worked for Akom Technology Corp as a general manager. During his employment with Akom Technology Corp, he had involved in main board OEM for Foxconn, Sun Micro Server Board, and Skype Dect Phone.

Throughout his career, Mr. Chan had led his team to invent and to own the "Logic Memory Parity Checker" patent that greatly impacted the cost and structure of PC memory module. The Logic Memory Parity Checker is a method of detecting memory errors, thus increase the reliability of memory. With a successful career, Mr. Chan has received many new product innovation awards from Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park.

Steven Wu, VP of R&D center at NEXCOM, mentions that there are full of opportunities but also challenges to utilize the industrial computer into vertical market applications. For successful integrations of industrial computer product in various applications, the manufacturer must possess excellent engineering technology and know-how in multi vertical markets. Mr. Wu said, "I am very thrilled to have Mr. Chan aboard; he has outstanding educational background and accumulated over 20 years of product development experience".

"With the contribution of his great expertise and broad knowledge, Mr. Chan will lead NEXCOM to develop many new innovative products and to improve the capability of our research and developing center", said Mr. Clement Lin, Chairman and CEO of NEXCOM.

Mr. Lin also added, "So, 'Always Ask NEXCOM'! We can now fulfill your wildest ideas popped in mind for any dreaming products".


After many efforts from my side, our classmate, James Chan, hH, finally promises to join our company, being the CTO of NEXCOM. I am glad to announce this news to all our classmates. Now we have 4 classmates in NEXCOM, the other 3 all in the Board, including Jack Wang(ģ), J.T. Lin(L), and myself, Clement Lin(LZ).